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Controlling the implementation time
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Technology and Transparency
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Cost containment
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Comprising of a technical staff of a high standard and an internal Research and Development (R&I) group within the fields of Information Technology (IT), Domotic Building Automation, CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) and CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System), we offer extreme versatility and customisation of existing services as well as the development of ad hoc proposals and functionalities required by the Client.

The exploitation of protocols and open-source technologies allows us to sensibly restrain any significant costs that would arise from patents and licences. For applications ranging from plant design to to the control and to the verification of the activities carried out and those planned, to the approval of work orders, the reporting, the management of ordinary and emergency calls, the mapping, the supervision and remote control of the facilities, we have our internal software developers and staff who are able to fully develop systems and solutions specific to the Customers’ demands. In addition to this, we offer a whole range of services related to the remote control systems, to the “people-request” web service whereby faults and anomalies can be reported, to the verification and layout of the advanced demands made in relation to the state of work in real time (via web access).

The fact that our staff can develop any kind of network application, allows us tu fully manage and control any workforce related optimization.
This makes us extremely effective when it comes to Facility Management, which is one of our core-activities. Through continuous methodology and technological improvement developed by our team we offer integrated and customised solutions, thus generating savings and optimisation of resources.
We offer a full range of services ranging from design and execution of works to real estate/plant management, buildings and services related to them, to the development of custom tools. We have the ability to provide the analytical/consulting aspect-offering innovation, hypotheses of process re-engineering, optimisation of organisational resources/structure and to offer the expertise to handle a real change in the services (change management) . Thanks to the role of the Project Manager and the Sole responsible for the procedure (RUP), we are able to manage the entire construction process, from the preliminary stages to the delivery of maintenance plans, providing a channel for direct and unequivocal communication to the Customer representatives for all the requirements related to Planners, Safety Coordinators, Building Enterprises, Buyers and Financial Controllers. We always act as a partner in the operational management of a complex process, providing transparency and control, thanks to the " OpenBook " open management model.
Starting from the Indicative Programme of Works, we began to make an assessment of the implementation time required which we then follow throughout the entire project, helping, where possible, to reduce/optimise the timing and to anticipate delivery dates, both partial and complete, of works and services. In very large projects, the time variables - if not well analysed - can be many and difficult to detect. The key issue is to control every single stage of a long and complex process to coordinate the steps that connect the various phases of work. Our company uses tools that are the result of experience and research aimed at achieving the highest precision of intervention, from the feasibility study to the final design, to the testing and delivery. In the role of a general contractor, we have the ability to manage all production times acting in every phase of construction, re-modeling it and articulating it, if necessary, in accordance with the Client so as to achieve the best goals balancing them with the time actually needed for the development and delivery of the project.
We believe that the development of new technologies is a key step within a work process. Our ongoing research in the areas of Information Technology and Computerised Maintenance Management System enables an exponential growth of our core competencies and enables us to interact with the clients' requirements in a flexible and precise manner.

Our technical staff’s experience in the design of cutting edge hardware and software gives us the possibility, in the delivery of Facility management services, Project & Construction Management, to fully develop the management applications used: WEB technologies, based on Open Source software, which are offered to the Client, from the maintainer to the end user, the most complete interaction with the services provided.

The management, which is straightforward and transparent at all stages, is a cornerstone of our approach. It allows the Client to acquire autonomy at work and, at the same time, it gives the possibility for verification and intervention on the entire production process and decision-making process whenever necessary, acting within routes that it recognises because they are imprinted on ad hoc solutions for its needs and peculiarities. The "Open Book" system of contracting is an example of our open management model that finds its centre within the trust relationship between us and the Client. This is because harmony generates profit.
Our method applied to the method of awarding contracts, it is a guarantee in terms of verification and production costs. We have ability to interface directly with all the performers of the individual processes, and this allows us to create a virtuous cycle that does not rely on the normal line of subcontracting which, by its nature, generates markups and cost overruns.
Through the division and the unbundling of the project in several contracts we have a horizontal management of the works of the individual performers who will see us as a single point of contact and coordinator. Starting from an economic basis of reference, our commitment is to identify - through the process of Offering - the best in terms of quality/price directly from the performers, with the guarantee that, hence, the agreement will not go through any variation, which is typical of the subcontracting logics.